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Volume Loss

The strategies of enhancing the aging face and creating a more youthful appearance have changed over the last decade. What was once a practice of “chasing lines” has become more focused on reversing the anatomic changes of aging. 

Imaging technologies of the face have shown that the same bone changes of osteoporosis in the legs and hips also happen in the face. In addition, our facial fat volume decreases as we age. The combination of losing bone architecture and fat volume results in a “shrinking” of the face, causing its appearance to develop a hollow or sagging appearance. This is visible around the eyes and cheeks and manifests as visible jowls, prominent folds around the face, hollow temples, and other changes. What all these visible changes have in common is volume loss – specifically, loss of fat and bone. 

Fillers are the primary way that we re-create the normal architecture and proportions of the face. Dr. Andrew’s technique will work to provide you with the look you desire – be it more enhanced or more natural. By understanding the physical changes happening in the face as we age, Dr. Andrew can work to address each component for you in a comprehensive way. 

To learn more about the other aspects of aging please click on rough and loose skin, dark spots, and wrinkles, or set up an appointment to learn more about how these changes can be reversed.

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