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Mohs surgery is the superior method for removal and definitive cure of many types of skin cancer.

In my practice, we have taken the techniques originally developed by Frederick Mohs and refined them into a process that makes the procedure more pleasurable for our patients. I call it miMohs™.

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To start, we strive to create a comfortable environment, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. We offer bottled water and coffee in our waiting room and relaxing music in the procedure room. For your privacy and comfort, we have a separate waiting room for our surgical patients.


Once we have identified the site, we will numb the area to be treated. We use patient and gentle techniques to avoid the “stick and sting.” If patients desire, we are happy to prescribe topical numbing creams to apply at home prior to the procedure to further minimize discomfort.


After the area is numb, the tumor is removed. In miMohs™, only the narrowest of margins and shallowest depth is taken to successfully remove the tumor. This approach minimizes surgical injury, reduces the severity of bleeding, and minimizes the need for destructive cautery. With this approach, simpler closures can be employed to repair the wound, speeding post-operative healing and minimizing pain during the recovery period.


To repair the wound after tumor removal, we use a minimalist approach that meets your needs. There are multiple ways to repair an individual surgical wound. Different techniques (such as closure with a graft, flap or linear technique) have different benefits and drawbacks. Some patients wish for the best long term aesthetic outcome regardless of the healing time; others prefer to return to their daily routine as soon as possible. While few situations have this tradeoff, we will discuss and address your needs before choosing the closure to complete the procedure.


To assist recovery, we prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection, provide you with a personal emergency contact number, and make a follow-up call to ensure your comfort.

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