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One of the most requested anti-aging procedures at our Fort Lauderdale office is dermal fillers. This treatment, also called soft-tissue augmentation or soft-tissue fillers, is used to add volume. It is an excellent option for cosmetic enhancement or reducing the signs of aging.


With age, our skin loses the fullness of youth. This happens because dehydration, decreased collagen production, thinning of the fatty layer, and other factors reduce the overall volume. Dermal fillers are injectable products that replace volume to correct signs of aging. Fillers are most commonly used on the face or hands.



This versatile treatment can go beyond restoring lost volume. It can also be used to improve natural contours, such as plumping thin lips or correcting asymmetry of the nose. The many benefits of fillers include: 

  • Restore fullness to sunken cheeks or hollowness beneath the eyes

  • Fill in deep creases, wrinkles, and facial folds

  • Reduce the appearance of certain types of scars

  • Plump lips and reduce lines around the mouth

  • Lift a downturned mouth

  • Lift the brows

  • Reduce wrinkles on hands

  • Improve the appearance of thin or “bony” hands




The first step is a consultation with Dr. Andrew. He will determine if dermal fillers are right for you, and whether you would benefit from other anti-aging treatments. Fillers are often used in conjunction with Botox, for comprehensive wrinkle reduction. 

Treatment is completed in a single office visit, generally taking less than half an hour. Results are usually immediate, although this varies depending on the type of filler. Some formulas are designed to stimulate and support collagen production, for more gradual increase in volume. 

If you are looking for a fast, effective way to turn back the clock, schedule a consultation with Dr. Andrew.

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