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An excision is a surgical removal of a tumor or spot. It is performed in our office, and the procedure takes typically 15 minutes to perform. People usually spend 30 minutes in the office.


Once the decision is made to remove a spot or tumor (benign or malignant), we schedule a time to remove the lesion.


We strive to create a comfortable environment, with friendly staff and a relaxed atmosphere. We offer bottled water and coffee in our waiting room and relaxing music in the procedure room.


The area to be treated will be outlined with a marker. You will examine the spot and confirm the location. We will also reference a photograph taken at the time of the biopsy (if performed previously) to further aid confirmation of the site.

Once there is agreement on the site, we will numb the area to be treated. We use patient and gentle techniques to avoid the “stick and sting.” The numbing effect is almost instantaneous and will typically last 90 minutes. If patients desire, we are happy to prescribe topical numbing creams to apply at home prior to the procedure to further minimize discomfort.

Once the area is cleansed, the procedure begins. The tumor is removed and the resulting defect is sutured with care to speed healing and ensure an excellent aesthetic outcome. There are deep sutures which hold the wound together and slowly dissolve over approximately 6 months and superficial sutures which are removed at a follow-up visit, often 2 weeks later.

We can use fully absorbable superficial sutures to avoid a follow-up visit; however, I encourage a 2 week follow-up to ensure the wound is healing well and that you are happy.

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