Skin Laser Treatments

Laser therapy of visible veins is an important part of aesthetic vein care. Telangiectasia and visible veins on the face and legs are well-treated with lasers. The results are instant. There is no injection of medicine, and there is no risk of systemic side effects. Irritated at the site of where the laser treated the vein is common. Dr. Andrew uses multiple different lasers tailored to the type of vessel to be treated and its location on the body. 

Commonly, multiple treatments may be needed to clear an area. Sometimes, multiple methods, such as sclerotherapy and micro-phlebectomy can be used to enhance results. 

Depending on the result of each session, multiple treatments will be required. We perform these every 4 weeks. 

Post-laser care involves moisturizers and sun-screen to avoid darkening the treated skin. In some patients, lighteners may be prescribed. 

While skin laser therapy is a cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance. Many patients find the procedure very valuable. Dr. Andrew will review including visual sclerotherapy to your vein plan of care.

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