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miMOHS™  Gallery 

miMOHS™ Gallery

None of the photos show wounds that were treated with additional scar therapy
No laser
No injections
No resurfacing

Most photos show only a 2 week follow-up (when sutures are removed). Some show longer follow-up periods.

If there was any additional procedure to improve the aesthetic outcome, then this will be noted.

miMOHS™ Nose Treatment


miMOHS™ Cheek Treatment


miMOHS™ Eye Treatment


miMOHS™ Forehead Treatment

mimohs forehead treatment.jpg

miMOHS™ Ear Treatment

mimohs ear treatment.jpg

miMOHS™ Hands Treatment

mimohs hands treatment.jpg

miMOHS™ Scalp Treatment

mimohs scalp treatment.jpg

miMOHS™ Lower Legs Treatment

mimohs lower legs treatment.jpg
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