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Merkel Cell Carcinoma

MCC (Merkel cell carcinoma) is a rare but serious type of skin cancer. It is considered highly aggressive because it has a rapid rate of spread, and it tends to return after treatment. Dr. Andrew often works closely with Fort Lauderdale patients’ primary care providers and oncologists or other specialists, because coordinated medical care can help achieve the best outcome.


Prompt treatment is important with any type of cancer, and that is especially true of MCC because of its rapid spread. Even after treatment, diligence in self-checks and dermatological follow-ups are crucial, because they can detect new cancers or recurrences in the initial stage. 

  • Keep all scheduled appointments with Dr. Andrew, and with your other physicians

  • Check your lymph nodes as directed by your doctor

  • Call us immediately if you suspect new or spreading cancer


MCC is particularly insidious, because it usually looks harmless and feels painless. You may think it is an insect bite, a pimple, or a simple cyst. The photos on this page show some examples of MCC. Beware of a growth or lesion with any of the following characteristics: 

  • Grows rapidly (within weeks or months)

  • Feels firm

  • Is solid colored, usually violet, bluish, pink, or red

  • Has a rough texture

  • Resembles the pictures on this page

This type of cancer may develop on any part of the body, though it is more common on sun-exposed skin. Approximately half of all cases appear on the neck or head, with the eyelids being particularly susceptible. It is also common on the arms, legs, feet, genitals, and buttocks. It can affect people of any age, but is more common in adults over the age of 50. 

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