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My Skin Cancer Philosophy

My philosophy in treating skin cancer is based on fundamental principles gleaned from the tens of thousands of skin cancers treated during my training and private practice.


To start, I believe in treating a skin cancer completely, quickly, and with certainty. For this reason, when possible, I use the miMohsTM technique.

Many dermatologists downplay tumors that are small. They will use creams or other destructive techniques to “clear” tumors. Others encourage radiation therapy as a “no-scar” technique. Unfortunately, short cuts taken at the start can result in recurrence, damaged skin, non-healing wounds, disfigurement, and delay, creating a bigger problem down the road.


I believe miMohsTM for treatment of skin cancer achieves superior results across multiple outcomes:


  • Speed: The tumor is treated and removed in 2-4 hours. Sometimes only 15 minutes are needed.

  • Recurrence: The recurrence rate is essentially zero with miMohsTM. No more re-checking the site.

  • Aesthetic outcome: In many cases, the scar or appearance of the treated area fades and blends in with your normal skin. Some patients have been so happy with the surgery, that they have had me perform cosmetic surgery on the other side of their face to give them the same result!

Two examples of skin cancer initially treated with non-Mohs methods that later required a larger and more complex Mohs procedure to cure.


Prevention should not be ignored! Sun avoidance is best, sun screen and covering up with clothing is next best. To help prevent skin cancer, I also offer photodynamic therapy (PDT).


I avoid use of creams because they take longer to work, irritate the skin, are not applied properly (causing undertreatment), or treat the wrong spots.


When treating skin cancer, I will always work with you to address your needs. There are many treatments available. I will have my preferences based on my experience and will share those. At the end of the day, its your skin. I’m here to ensure you feel comfortable with whatever choices you make!

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