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Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

When varicose veins are not easily visible but are causing symptoms of aching and cramping, ultrasound guided-sclerotherapy can be used. This technique uses color duplex ultrasound to identify veins under the skin and help guide the needle during foam sclerotherapy. Foam sclerotherapy involves injecting a medicine called 1% polidocanol, causing the vein to close down. Injections during this procedure are usually painless. This technique is usually performed in combination with other procedures to improve vein disease and reduce the visibility of varicose veins. 


Arrows show the veins treated by the foam polidocanol medication.

Following the procedure, the leg is wrapped for 3 days. Then, it is removed at home or in our clinic. Immediately following the procedure, walking is permitted and encouraged. 

Depending on the quantity of veins to be treated, multiple sessions will be required. We perform these sessions every 4 weeks. 

This procedure may be covered by insurance. Dr. Andrew will review this possibility with you during your consultation. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew to talk about your legs and whether ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is right for you.

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