Basal Cell Carcinoma

Of all skin cancers, BCC (Basal cell carcinoma) is the most common. Millions of Americans are diagnosed with BCC every year, including many people right here in Fort Lauderdale. Like any cancer, the effectiveness of treatment depends greatly on early diagnosis, making regular cancer screening essential. 

BCC usually develops on areas of skin that receive frequent sun exposure, such as the backs of hands, or the neck and head. It is often found on the nose or other areas of the face. However, BCC can form anywhere on the body, even occasionally affecting areas that are protected from sun.


Not all BCC lesions look the same. Also, there are several different types of skin cancer. Therefore, you should watch for any of the following:

  • A rounded growth on skin that has visible vessels. It may have black or brown as the predominant colors or in small flecks. The lesion might ooze or crust over. It is slow growing and often flat in the middle.

  • A patch of shiny, somewhat scaly skin of pinkish or reddish color, often on the trunk of the body. These lesions are sometimes mistaken for eczema.

  • Yellowish or white growth or hard tissue that may resemble scar tissue. The growth may lack distinctive edges.

  • A wound or sore that bleeds frequently, doesn’t heal properly, crusts, oozes, or has a sunken middle (similar to a crater)

  • BCC lesions may itch or hurt, but this is rare



The best way to prevent skin cancer is to avoid excess sun exposure, and wear sunscreen (even on cloudy days). Never use indoor tanning, because it exposes your skin to high levels of harmful UV rays, greatly increasing your cancer risk. 

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