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Full Body Skin Cancer Checks

During a first visit in the clinic, we always recommend a full body skin check. A full body skin check involves examining the skin from head to toe for any suspicious lesions that could be cancerous. This first visit is an opportunity to discuss your skin and the potential risk of skin cancer going forward.

Before the body check, we will provide you with a gown. You will be asked to remove your clothing, leaving on underwear. Then, Dr. Andrew will enter the room and examine your skin, starting at your feet and working his way up. He is careful and thorough in examining your skin and scalp. He will ask if there are any concerning spots in covered areas and encourage you to examine these areas from time to time. If you are comfortable, he is happy to look in these areas for you.

During the examination, Dr. Andrew will use a dermatoscope to examine your skin. This device helps improve the quality of the scan to identify concerning lesions early. Identifying and treating skin cancer early improves outcomes and your satisfaction. Small skin cancers are small problems, and are usually treated very simply.


During the examination, there will also be a medical assistant in the room to assure your comfort and to assist with the visit.


If necessary, biopsies will be recommended and performed on suspicious lesions.


If nothing unusual is found, then you will be asked to follow-up regularly.


The whole exam generally takes 5-10 minutes.

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