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Micro-phlebectomy is a micro-surgical technique performed in our office suite that helps treat troublesome varicose veins. It is usually performed in combination with other techniques to improve vein disease and reduce the visibility of varicose veins. During this procedure, you are awake and comfortable. First, an examination of the bothersome vein is performed both visually and with ultrasound. The path of the vein is marked on the skin. The area is prepped sterilely, numbed and small millimeter-sized incisions are made along the course of the vein. Then, the vein is carefully removed through these incisions. Vein removal usually takes 20-30 minutes. 


After the procedure, the leg is wrapped to promote healing for 3 days. The bandages are removed at home or in our office. The day of the procedure, you are encouraged to walk at least 25 minutes. You may drive yourself home, though if your right leg is treated, it may be more comfortable if someone else helps you. 

There is minimal post-procedure discomfort, and pain medications are not typically needed. 

The results are instantaneous, as the bulging vein is removed. Over a couple weeks, the skin heals and any bruising resolves. Sometimes more than one procedure is necessary. 

This procedure may be covered by insurance. Dr. Andrew will review this possibility with you during your consultation. 

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew to talk about your legs and whether micro-phlebectomy is right for you.

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